I just thought that this rap should be written down somewhere so people can read it without having to go to a Flat Earth convention.

Earth is flat jack flatter than a flapjack
we bout to flat smack globers getcha backpacks
I'm with my flat pack globes in the trash sack
As I move an equidistant map up on my snapback
Flat smackin everybody at joe's crab shack
Lookin at us like what we're saying is so abstract
Lesson 1 no curvature there to be found
How can it be a ball if nothing about it is round
Lesson 2 three quarters of the ground
is covered in flat water do you hear the way that sounds
Lesson 3 take the stars that you see at night
same constellations that you've been seeing for all your life
Never trust NASA cause nothing they say is right
They're lying to your face and they mock us in plane sight
You can straight up see the wires and the green screen glitches
and the water bubbles floating on the space walk missions
It's detestable I refuse to be another vegetable
Pseudoscience garbage will to me be unacceptable
Anyone with eyes to see don't have to be susceptible
Dispose of your globe in the nearest waste receptacle
we backpackin you already know
до свидания